Love & Passion
a vocal recital by Cecilia Yap and Loo Bang Hean

Habeas Corpus
by Masakini Theatre


Set in the southern English seaside town of Brighton, Habeas Corpus races along at a cracking pace, dispensing sight and verbal gags as it does so. Bennett's genius is his ability to portray ordinary middle-class Brits, warts and all, in an amusing and very real way.

His characters are beautifully drawn and in the case of Habeas Corpus just a little bit larger than life. The whole thing revolves around the mid-life crisis of Arthur Wicksteed, a family doctor and serial philanderer. (He is the one who is not getting enough). We also meet his long-suffering wife, Muriel, his flat-chested sister Constance and his hypochondriac son, Dennis. Then there is the formidable Lady Rumpers and her nubile daughter Felicity (It is indeed she whose knickers Arthur is trying to get into). Constance is being pursued by passionate clergyman, Canon Throbbing, and the whole shebang is kept in place by the redoubtable Mrs Swabb.. the Wicksteed's maid.

a play by Jean-Paul Sartre

(Morts sans Sepultures)

Performed by Cape Poetics

Men Without Shadows, an existential thriller, is considered one of the most provocative plays to be penned by Jean-Paul Sartre, France's towering intellectual personality of the post-war period. Richly symbolic with a dramatic storyline, the work, set during the last days of Nazi German occupation in France, conveys Sartre's deep philosophical outlook through an eventful period in modern world history.

It is 1944. Five Resistance fighters are captured after failing in a mission to liberate a village, and are locked up in an attic. One by one, they are taken out for questioning by their captors for information on the whereabouts of their leader Jean. Even as they overhear news of Allied forces closing in to drive off their enemies, a drama begins to unfold in their midst that puts their very principles and humanity to the test.

The setting is based during the last days of the Second World War in occupied France, as the British army is heard over the radio arriving to help fight off the occupiers. First published in 1946, the play has been described by The New York Times as "a searing examination of the limits to which one's free will may be tested."

Men Without Shadows is now staged for the French Arts Festival in Malaysia, in what promises to be an intense showcase of theatre by visionary young arts group Cape Poetics. The performance is directed by veteran Jayaram Menon. With its colourful characters and climactic scenarios, the play has been hailed as a significant literary work particularly because it was inspired by the playwright's own experience of fighting and detention by Nazi collaborators during the war.


"... a jazzy, good-time vibe." - Tone Magazine

"…. there is a refreshingly raw edge and a hint of spontaneity breaking through in their performance." - Sarawak Tribune

"They have virtually perfect chemistry on stage…… Therein lies the magic of their act.
There’s no hype. No frills. Lots of thrills. No elaborate setup. Nothing fancy on stage.
Just two beautiful people making beautiful music."
– Errol De Cruz (Business Times)

" A marriage of heart and virtuosic technique, Double Take is a cosy guitar/vocal duo which breathes new life into jazz. Guitarist Roger Wang's finger-style layering accompanies Mia Palencia's scat vocalese with feline grace. Eminently listenable. " - Yeow Kai Chai (The New Straits Time - Singapore Edition)