A quick take for the statistician:

34 concerts, performances and recitals;
13 masterclasses, workshops, camps, sponsorships and seminars.

THE FIRST YEAR: 2000 - 2001
8th February 2000
THE JOHOR SOCIETY FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (J.S.P.A.) is formally registered under the Societies Act, 1965
6th May 2000

“The Silent Show”- This was J.S.P.A. ’s first project. Organised jointly with Alam Ku, it featured a mime presentation by six (6) hearing and speech impaired persons performing at Lot 1, Waterfront City in conjunction with the launch of the Johor Carnival by the Johor Bahru City Council.
26th & 27th July 2000
Sponsored a participant to a 2-day seminar, The traditional Music Instruments Seminar organised by Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia .
10th to 12th
November, 2000
A 3 days 2 nights camp-in – “The Childrens’ Theatre Holiday Camp” for children aged 8-15. Participants were given a brief introduction to drama/theatre and were encouraged to participate and express themselves. The culmination was a presentation by the participants to parents on the last day of the camp.
10th April, 2001
The historical first concert ever organised by the J.S.P.A. – “An Evening of Musical Elegance” a chamber concert featuring members of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) performing at the JOTIC Auditorium to a full house; Brass and strings with piano.
THE SECOND YEAR: 2001 - 2002
1 16th October, 2001
The second “An Evening of Musical Elegance ” chamber concert featuring members of the MPO held at the JOTIC Auditorium; The first half focus on woodwinds and percussion. The concert highlight featured one of the great “large” chamber pieces of all time: the Schubert Octet.
2 24th May, 2002
Another historical event – the concert featuring, for the first time ever in Johor, the full orchestra of the MPO performing at the RTM Auditorium under the bato n of maestro Kees Bakels to another full house and featuring works by Stravinsky; Haydn; Mozart and Boccherini.
3 June 2002
Formation of J.S.P.A. Play Reading Group – a members & friends’ group meeting regularly for play reading.
THE THIRD YEAR: 2002 - 2003
1 22nd August 2002
A piano recital by the young and talented Russian pianist; Alexei Volodin held at the JOTIC Auditorium featuring pieces by Chopin; Tchaikovsky and Liszt. The concert was sold out and judging from the very warm and appreciative applause at the end, the audience certainly enjoyed the concert. Alexei obliged the audience by coming out for no less than five encores.
2 22nd August 2002
Piano Masterclasses by Alexei Volodin.
3 December 2002
J.S.P.A. ’s formation and sponsorship of the J.S.P.A. Percussions - an exciting group of young and talented members dedicated to exploring the world of percussion music;
4 22nd February 2003
Encounter , an education and outreach program- a collaboration by the J.S.P.A. and the MPO for 800 secondary school children from all 8 districts in Johor at the RTM Auditorium.
5 22nd February 2003
Second concert featuring the full orchestra of the MPO under the baton of Kevin Fields. Highlight of the concert was Beethoven's Symphony No.5 in C minor, Opus 67
6 29th March 2003
SURROUND – A Rhythmic Dialogue”. The first concert by the J.S.P.A. Percussions held at the Foon Yew High School Hall. The concert was well attended attracting about 500 people.
7 25th May 2003
Organised and sponsored members of the J.S.P.A. Percussions to a Percussions Workshop in Kuala Lumpur with Paul Philbert, principal timpanist with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.
THE FOURTH YEAR: 2003 - 2004
1 July, 2003
The J.S.P.A. Percussions’ education outreach programme at several primary and secondary schools in Johor Bahru.
2 5th to 7th
September 2003
A 2½ day Music Appreciation Seminar by Dr. Marc Rochester. The seminar was divided into 3 parts. In Part 1 – ‘An Introduction to Music’ topic covered included the origins and definition of music; history of notation; traditional orchestra layout; the role of the conductor; choral music and opera. Part 2 - “The Architecture of Music” dealt with form and structure; musical structures and form. Part 3 – “The Ingredients of Music” covered rhythm and melody.
3 13th & 14th
September 2003
ADA APA”- a 2 day workshop for young people, a collaboration between Five Arts Centre, KL; the British Council and the J.S.P.A.; The purpose of the workshop is to engage youth in discussion through the arts on the issue of Identity. A total of 12 facilitators (6 Malaysians and their 6 UK-based counterparts) conducted the workshop for about 60 young people aged between 16-19.
4 29th September
An Evening with J.S.P.A. & Friends”- The concert .was notable for a number of “firsts” - a first time concert by members of the J.S.P.A. featuring choral and chamber music. Tickets for the concert were fully sold out and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves judging from their response at the end of the concert
5 2nd December
Nothing is Sacred –Salleh B en Joned and friends ”. First ever poetry recital to be organised by J.S.P.A. at the Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru.
6 29th January; 2004
Official Launch of the Inaugural J.S.P.A. Johor Arts Festival, 2004 by Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Haji Abdul Ghani bin Othman, Menteri Besar Johor at the Hyatt Regency Johor Bahru. The J.S.P.A. receives support from the Johor State Government and a historical pledge of RM200,000-00 from Yang Amat Berhormat, Menteri Besar Johor.
7 7TH MARCH 2004 to
4TH APRIL 2004


A spectacular first for Johor. J.S.P.A.’s boldest and most ambitious project yet (though some say foolhardy, what WERE we thinking about????). The Festival offered to the people of Johor, as never before, 4 weeks of exciting performing arts extravaganza featuring:

  1. 7th March, JOTIC Auditorium – Eigo Rakugo
  2. 8thMarch, MBJB Indoor Stadium – China Beijing Opera
  3. 9th March, MBJB Indoor Stadium – China Beijing Opera
  4. 12th March, MBJB Indoor Stadium – “And All That Jazz ” featuring the Happy People Quintet and the Aseana Percussion Unit
  5. 13th March, MBJB Indoor Stadium – “ Big Band Jazz ” featuring the David Gomes Ensemble with Junji Delfino; Salamiah Hassan and Izlyn Ramly.
  1. 22nd March, Hyatt Regency JB – “Lend Me Your Ears ” with Indi Nadarajah and Allan Perera , Comedy Court .
  2. 26th March, Mawar Auditorium – Ramli Ibrahim’s “ Divine Encounter with the Blue God ”
  3. 28th March, RTM Auditorium – “An Evening with the MPO” with Tuomas Ollila; conductor and Tamas Benkocs; bassoon soloist.
  4. 2nd April, JOTIC Auditorium – “ An Amorous Springtime with Krishna ” with Ajit Bhaskaran Dass
  5. 3rd April, JOTIC Atrium – “Voices in Harmony” featuring the Johor Bahru Chamber Choir.
  6. 4th April, Hyatt Regency JB – “Jit and Harith Down South” with Jit Murad and Harith Iskander.

A total of 4,242 people attended the Festival. Total seating capacity was 15,600.

THE FIFTH YEAR: 2004 - 2005
1 6th August 2004
The Inaugural J.S.P.A. Annual Recital Series 2004 featuring a Piano Duo Recital by Malaysia’s brightest and foremost talents, Loo Bang Hean and Ng Chong Lim performing at the JOTIC Auditorium and enthralling the audience with pieces by Arensky; Lutolawski; Bach; Brahms’ Sonata in F minor for two pianos, Opus 34b and a Malaysian premiere of Chong Lim’s Three Sketches for two piano.
2 7th & 8th August
Piano Masterclasses by Messrs Bang Hean & Chong Lim for piano students Grade 7 and above.
3 9th October 2004
Johor Bahru Boleh” an afternoon comedy matinee featuring Monti& Logi , Malaysia ’s up and coming comedy duo. A pleasant afternoon of comedy followed by tea at the Grand BlueWave.
4 30th October 2004
Down Memory Lane with Datin May Lee Leong – an evening soiree at Taat House featuring the diva on the piano. Co-organised with TaatHouse, the soiree was in aid of Johor Area Rehabilitation Organisation (JARO).
5 8th November
A Piano & Cello Recital featuring Miranda Su-Lan Harding on the cello and Ng Chong Lim on the Piano performing works by Beethoven; Schumann; Debussy and Chopin at the JOTIC Auditorium.
6 11th December
Christmas with the J.S.P.A. featuring the Johor Bahru Chamber Choir (J.B.C.C.). Evening soiree at Taat House with the J.B.C.C. entertaining the audience with a memorable performance of well known Christmas carols.
THE SIXTH YEAR: 2005 - 2006


2ND SEPT 2005 -
11TH SEPT 2005







2ND SEPT 2005

26TH MARCH 2006

27TH MARCH 2006

1ST MAY 2006

27TH MAY 2006

28TH MAY 2006

28TH MAY 2006

28th & 29th MAY 2006


The Festival offered the following programmes:

  1. 2nd September, RTM Auditorium - Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra - The 6 th Visit.
  2. 4th September, JOTIC Auditorium - Death of a Warrior presented by Cape Poetics Circle together with the Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia.
  3. 10th September, JOTIC Auditorium - Jazz @ the JOTIC with Farid "Mr. Gambus" Ali and Roger Wang and the Music Box Jazz Trio.
  4. 11th September, JOTIC Auditorium – Retro Road – a retrospective journey into music of the 60's, 70's and 80's with D. Gerard Singh and Sherman Tan
Sponsorship of 34 students from Sekolah Menengah Tun Fatimah Johor Bahru to the Malaysian Philharmonic concert in the 2nd J.S.P.A. Johor Arts Festival 2005.

‘No Strings Attached’ featuring Farid “Mr. Gambus” Ali and Roger Wang together live in concert at the Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru.

‘No Strings Attached’ featuring Farid “Mr. Gambus” Ali and Roger Wang together live in concert at the Hyatt Regency Johor Bahru.

Inaugural Issue of JB Lifestyle – J.S.P.A.’s inhouse magazine.

The J.S.P.A. Annual Recital Series 2006 featuring the Malaysian Piano Trio of Yap Ling, Jonathan Oh and Loo Bang Hean performing at the Straits Room of the Hyatt Regency Johor Bahru with pieces by Beethoven, Chaminade, Delibes, Albeniz and others.

Free Strings Workshop by Yap Ling and Jonathan Oh at the Foon Yew High School Seminar Hall.

Matinee Recital by the Malaysian Piano Trio for students at the Foon Yew High School Seminar Hall.

Violin and Cello Masterclasses by Yap Ling and Jonathan Oh for selected individual students.